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Welcome to The Doodle Place! We are an art studio in Southern Oregon serving kids in grades K – 6th, with occasional classes for 18 months – PreK. We have a variety of art classes for all skill levels!

The Doodle Place is located in Central Point, Oregon within walking distance of Richardson Elementary and is an approved vendor for Logos Charter School. Perfect for homeschoolers, After-Schoolers and Logos Charter students!

The Doodle Place exists to give kids the skills and knowledge needed to produce artwork they are proud of while having loads of fun in the process!

Each lesson includes a focus on at least one of the elements of art

color, value, line, shape, form, texture, space, balance, emphasis, harmony, movement, pattern, proportion, repetition, rhythm, unity, and variety

Let us worry about the mess…and yes, making art gets messy!

Kids will get hands-on experience with a wide variety of high-quality materials, and things will get messy! We explore many different types of paints, printmaking, collage, clay, and so much more. Our floors take the mess so yours don’t have to!

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Showcasing Past and Current Student’s Artwork

Our Classes

K – 1st

Kids in this age group will learn the basics and explore many different materials and techniques. They will be encouraged to explore new ideas and experiment boldy.

2nd – 4th

Kids in this age group are true artists indeed; they have the motor skills necessary for better control but they haven’t yet developed a harsh inner critic.

5th – 6th

Kids in this age group have more skill but also more self-doubt; they need extra encouragement, specific instructions and lots of feedback to gain the confidence needed.

The Doodle Place exists to give kids the skills and knowledge needed to produce artwork they are proud of while having loads of fun in the process!

Putting the “fun” back in the fundamentals!

The #1 reason kids lose interest in art as they grow older (aside from not having access to quality supplies) is that they become increasingly frustrated and disappointed in the results of their artwork.

When they are little, they are content to scribble away for hours with markers and crayons without any thought to what they are actually making. As they get into the younger elementary years, they don’t have a harsh inner critic and they believe every single drawing they make is a masterpiece. Around 5th grade, their discernment grows and they gain a sharpened sense of what is good and what isn’t. They still love art and have a strong desire to make art that is truly good in their own eyes…but they lack the skills and basic fundamentals to carry out their vision and the results are almost always disappointment, frustration and embarrassment.

Amber Heading, Lead Teacher and Owner, The Doodle Place

Why Choose Us


Everyone here at The Doodle Place is passionate about kids, about art, and about our community. Your kids will pick up on that passion and you’ll see it in their art!


Teachers at The Doodle Place are thoroughly trained and knowledgeable in art making techniques. Your kids do more than just make a “project”…they’ll learn valuable art skills!


We believe communities need art. The Doodle Place is here to bring an art making experience to the kids of Southern Oregon!

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